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This month Tanji's is offering an additional 10% off all Masterart hd EXHIBITION GRADE CANVASES

Masterart proudly produces some of the larger canvases made in New Zealand. We have had years of experience building the best artists grade canvases in New Zealand. a consideable amount of time has gone into research, testing of materials, applying different methods of assembly and stretching of canvases, which means that the canvas that you buy from Tanji's Art Supplies will endure well in to the future.

Masterart Exhibition canvases are ideal for those artists wanting professionally hand crafted stretched canvases that are produced for those on a budget. With Masterart's 32 mm deep Heavy Duty strainer bars Masterart Exhibition grade canvases are ideal for all smaller applications (for larger canvases try our Professional grade canvases)

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Masterart EXTRA DEEP canvases are designed to give a strong 3 dimenensional effect to your art work. Made from 65 mm deep laminated stretcher bar that are extra strong, Extra Deep stretched canvases are hand made for your exact size requirements.

Like all Masterart Professional Grade Canvases come standard with our pre-primed, ready to use 350 gsm (12 oz) polyester/cotton blended canvas and are ideal for those artists wanting professionally hand stretched canvases for all art works, big or small.

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Stretcher Bars and Rolls of Canvas

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  • Professional Stretcher Bars
  • Pre_made Pre-made frames
Large Format Canvases

Masterart is one of New Zealand's leading producer of very large artists stretched canvases. As a dedicated manufaturer of artists surfaces, we produce all of our own canvas supports in-house which means that we can customise our products to suit the requirements of our artist clients.

In New Zealand, the fine arts industry is quite unique to most of the rest of the world. New Zealand artist tend to want to spend their time painting or 'doing what they do best' which means that artist prefer to buy their surfaces ready to use without the time consuming requirement of having to assemble, stretch, size and prime their surfaces. Masterart Ltd has developed to become an expert producer of high quality artists surfaces, supplying to many of the leading artists in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

There is something special about really big artworks. While Masterart does produce stretched canvases up to 4800 mm long, most large format canvases are not that big. However, serious consideration needs to go in to the construction of large canvases as the stresses and strains of constantly adjusting tension needs to be accomodated.

The textiles utilised to produce Large format canvases need to be sufficiently strong to support the paint film. Masterart Utilises its own unique pre-primed canvases to produce large format stretched canvases that are designed to enable a degree of expansion and contraction.

Timber has been the material most commonly utilised to manufacture canvas supports. It is readily available and relatively cheap. However wood tends to have inherant properties that can cause issues such as twisting and bowing as a result of temperature or humidity fluctuations even quite some years after installation.

Masterart DURA-STRETCH aluminium stretcher bars are a uniquely designed canvas support made specifically to over come many of the issues that are related to timber stretcher bars. Because Masterart DURA-STRETCH stretcher bars are so much stronger and stiffer than traditional wooden frames, they are more suited to large format canvases. However, many New Zealand artists now utilise DURA-STRETCH canvases exclusively as they are ideal for shipping overseas without concerns for biosecurity issues and are suitable for environments that have high humidity or subject to large temperature and humidity fluctuations which can cause deformation and deterioration of the canvas.