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Masterart stretched canvases are available in 4 standard depth profiles and a choice of two canvas types.

Canvas Types:
  • 12oz polyester/cotton blend Our "workhorse" or standard canvas that we recommend for all applications. This 350 gsm cloth is unique to us and and is coated with a specifically formulated gesso/primer coating.
    • 350 gsm cloth weight
    • 52% Polyester - 48% Cotton
    • fine consistent weave
    • Extreemly strong
    • Lower moisture related tension fluctuations
    • 150gsm dry film weight (DFW) coating/gesso
    • Finished canvas weight - ~510gsm

  • 14oz 100% Cotton Our alternate canvas for those artists that want a strong, more pronunced texture.
    • 480 gsm cloth weight
    • Coarse weave
    • 100% cotton
    • 110gsm DFW coating/gesso
    • Finished canvas weight - ~590gsm
    • Availabe in cloth width up to 3000mm for very large canvases