About Us - Tanji's Art Supplies Ltd

Tanji's Art Supplies was formed in July 2000 at Mount Maunganui with the initial intent of being a "small time" retailer of a selected range of fine arts materials and hobbist supplies. Originally occupying a space of only 30 square metres, Tanji's grew to become one of the more influential retailers of fine arts materials in the upper North Island of New Zealand with over 300 square metres of retail space.

However, as we grew we identified that there were aspects of the New Zealand fine arts market that we were not overly happy with. One of the issues we had was the quality and consistency of stretched canvases. Identifying that we could not only do it better, but also supply to our customers at more competitive pricing, we established MasterArt Ltd to become a manufacturing sister company to Tanji's Art Supplies. MasterArt Ltd is now a dominant supplier of artists surfaces, manufacturing 1000's of artists canvases a year which we ship all over New Zealand and export to our overseas clients.

In June 2005 the owners of Tanji's Art Supplies made a decision for a change of lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of living in the city. Purchasing a rural property that would fulfill their desires for a more relaxed lifestyle while at the same time enable themto continue to participate in the fine arts industry. Tanji's Art supplies now operates entirely from our 5000 sq ft factory / shop located at 58 Castles Road Oropi .