Canvas Stretching

If you have just returned from holiday with a painting or you have bought a print (giclee) - we can make you a custom size stretcher frame and stretch your canvas for you.

Masterart has all of the resources and skills to stretch almost any piece of canvas whether it is a original painting that you have purchased from overseas or a print. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account:
  • We need a minimum of 70mm on each edge of the canvas to wrap around the side of the stretcher frame and to staple at the back - where the composition of the painting may be compromised through the loss of some of the image, stretching on to a stretcher frame may not be the best option.
  • Canvas quality/weight - Unfortunately we have seen some paintings that have been produced on very low quality or very light weight cloth - we cannot always attain a good stretch with these as the canvas is too fragile.
  • Thick paint or old oil paint - Sometimes where the painting is reasonably thick or is oil and quite old (oil paint becomes brittle as it gets older) stretching the canvas may cause cracking, especially at the edge of the stretcher frame.
  • Some varishes/sealers are brittle and can crack when stretched.

  • Note: If you are out of town and your stretched artwork needs to shipped to you - we can do this. However, no couriers or shipping companies accept liability for the loss or damage of art work (typically specifically stated in their terms of contract). Any completed work that we ship to you will be at your risk (Your contents insurance may cover the risk).

    Pricing - Every sitaution is different as typically we need to make a custom size stretcher frame. Please contact us for pricing.